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Prayer Requests

Prayers for my friend and neighbor Bettye who is hospice. Her new significant change is that she takes food into her mouth, chews it into a ball and puts it back onto her plate. Her ability to swallow appears to be suspect, but she can and does drink fluids properly without choking. She needs food and hydration and her daytime care providers are not persistent about giving it. When I visit it may take me two hours, but I can get her to eat at least a few bites and drink about 10-16 ounces or water or a nutritional shake. She has senile dementia COPD/emphasymia (spelling?) but is not on oxygen or bed bound at this point.
There's a fellow upstairs that I am moved to speak of the Gospel to. Pray that it is safe to do so, for I do not even know his name and he's invited me to visit. Said he'd come knock on my door sometime (I have a dog, so I feel it would be OK to invite him in). He's always been pleasant and respecting, but it is a bit uncomfortable to be alone with a man for me, of course, as I have been the victim of rape before. On the other hand, with my dog present and the fact that he lives upstairs, I doubt that he would try to harm me! So please pray for us!