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Prayer Requests

My best friend Tina has high blood pressure, and she is very frail in general too, though she's in another way a very tough person in her way of thinking. She has PTSD and was attacked and her baby killed 12 years ago. She repressed it until very recently. Now she goes to Therapy Groups and a free therapist at a state run center in her town.

Her 4 children were taken from her because she's so frail that she could not put enough weight on them as infants. The state took them from her one by one as they were born, even though she did 17 parenting classes!!! She is not a drug addict or anything, so there should not have been an excuse; they should have helped her with formula and such, but they chose not to. SO! She got some close friends to take them, who had no kids of their own but wanted some desparately. They live in a good family, in a good home now.

NOW! Her daughter, one of them, has written her a letter, even though it is a closed adoption. And Tina asked me for a stamp so she could write back. I gave her the stamp, but I told her I could not continue to give her stamps as I live on Di$ability and am poor myself. I suggested she ask her boyfriend or cut back on smoking cigarettes and use that money. I pray she is not insulted by this, but I do not want her to get the idea that I can just keep giving her hand-outs.

Please pray for both of us, as we are best friends. And I don't want this to come between us. I have given her money before, but I just feel that it is not right to expect it of me, not even stamps.
Praise items: My former agency called and wants me to come back to work, this would ease some of the financial issues if the hours at my other job are cut more. I accepted and am going back in this week.

Also my chiropractor told me that my heretofore fully reversed cervical curve has been corrected and is now normal, though to confirm that myself, I will need to schedule some X-rays to see if the spurs I had are gone or are getting smaller. I beat the odds and am giving God the praise.
I beat the odds and am giving God the praise.
I too have that sort of good news. The last tests on my kidney came out good, which means the cancer is in remission again. I am so excited, and too know that is a gift from God.

Shelia, I'm glad you set a healthy bountary. If she is paying for cigarettes, she can afford stamps. It's important for her to stand up on her own as much as she is able. I'm pleased her daughter wrote to her.

How did your meeting go with your neighbor yesterday?
I was thinking about asking for prayer about it when you replied. So I guess may as well be more specific and ask you, Shelia and others to stand in agreement:

I have a malformation of unknown origin at the end of my aorta which on the diagnostic results in a 30% blockage. The result is asymetric hyper flow to the right kidney. (Like putting your thumb over a garden hose and the flow pressure increases.) I am at present not a candidate for further determination (could be athersclorosis but doubtful because the aorta is a very large artery, or an aneurysm, or a chronic condition of tissue irregularity that can occur in some people in their mid life - laymens term is "string of pearls" (chronic bullous disease). I am stage three chronic kidney disease and my right kidney cannot filter properly because of more than double normal blood flow. I suspect that this condition has amplified my allergic symptoms and is the root cause of most of the inflammation that I deal with in my body. My blood histimine far exceeds normal range (up to 150), mine was 2546.

Basically last year my nephrologist said he is not inclined to determine the nature of the problem unless or until I kill the right kidney or have a stroke. Not exactly the kind of news someone wants to hear.

Please pray for my upcoming appointment with the nephrologist and that my blood labs will come back unchanged. Also that I am accepted by a new internal medicine doctor who is a former cardiologist and that my insurance will cover a second opinion.
Now I'm feeling all weirded out because I seldom ask for prayer assistance, let alone so publically and specifically... but as I admire both you and Shelia's conviction of faith and power of prayer and intercession it would ease my mind to know that someone else is with me on this.
The last tests on my kidney came out good, which means the cancer is in remission again.

Praise God. I like us having praise reports here too, and not just us asking God for things. Thanks ladies!

How did your meeting go with your neighbor yesterday?

We have not met yet. He said next month he wanted to do this when he asked me to, so he can buy refreshments. Hopefully too, it will be warmer then, as we have a picnic table outside here with a nice roof over it and there are signs of spring out already, like the robins and little flowers and such. I just pray the weather is good that day!