Prayer Requests


I humbly ask you for prayers for my closest / best friend ever; Since ten days she's at the hospital and fights for her life. Only a few weeks ago, a malignant tumor was found in her duodenum. That f*cker sat right near the head of the pancreas. So she had the "Whipple" surgery done. But she was already in a bad state when she checked in to the hospital. Unfortunately, she belongs to the 5% that experience (severe) complications. A second surgery was done two days ago to stop inner bleeding. And now, as it looks, she will lose the whole pancreas. She has become so weak, that she's unable to hold a cup. She can't eat, as her stomach doesn't work properly, and even with a cocktail of antibiotics, the vicious inflammation in her abdomen rages on. If there is no change, they'll have to remove the whole pancreas by tomorrow. And even with that done, I truly fear for her life.

I'm heartbroken, as she's my closest and dearest friend for over 30 years. To hear her panting after about three minutes of talk is so deeply disturbing. Please ask the Lord that the inflammation drops radically within the next few hours. Also, that the horrible pain ceases, as it eats away all her strength. And that He may grant her a few more precious years to live. But also to provide me with trustful faith and strength, if He decides to take her home... - Holy are you my Lord God and Saviour! ...Not my will, but yours be done. TH