Prayer Requests


My BFF is in end stage kidney failure and knowing she's always on the edge is more difficult than words can express
Dearest @AngelkeeperJ, I didn't mean to be unreflecting on your deep sorrow, I just missed it - Even though I've read the postings several times. I'm truly sorry about my shortcoming. And of course I'm sadenend about your BFF, and that she has to face life's darkest and hardest side. As well as you'll have to as well... I'll pray for you and your BFF.
Three people who I know who died within last week, one was my friend.
There are now words... @Rosebud, So so sorry.... May I gently embrace you and pray for you? ...As well as for your "not just a dog"?

Holding you close in silent respect
My dear Sis! Missed you much, you know?... Thank you for your being here, right in this moment.

If my words don't make sense, please bear with me. As I'm so overwhelmed, that I have to literally dig for the accurate words / expressions in English.

My best friend got 2 more wound drainage tubes today. So there's a total of 7 of them in her abdomen. I don't understand the hard and difficult progression, even though they didn't find any metastasis in her... So today I'm fighting terrible fears. Real ones and so far unreal ones. She did all the paperwork and paying of bills etc. and I'm about to get panic attacks, when trying to grapple with all that. Truly grateful for your prayers for both of us.


@AngelkeeperJ -🤗 indeed petitioning prayers for your friend as well.

@TreeHugger … tears for you are so very hard, I remember as you have a difficult time breathing, yes? I can understand your struggle as well with fear and be it real or unreal … you are allowed to be overwhelmed. I cross the ocean miles, sit silently beside you both in spirit offering all my strength, love and hope- fusing in gentle waves and soothing rustling sounds like the leaves on a tree in the wind of change. My head bowed, my hand extended should you need to squeeze. You my little Sis …are not alone. ❤️