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Speaking for myself, I mostly forget when I need them most! And I find it hard to do self-care. Hope you are feeling a bit better! 🤗
Same here. I can always come up with something that’s “more important”. …”If I just finish this first, I’ll do that for myself later.” Usually later never comes.

I am doing better, thank you. I hope you are well! ❤️

I agree, I‘m not great at caring for myself either. *hugs*
Big hugs back to you. ❤️❤️

I keep running into problems. One is Big the next is bigger. And so on. Anxiety is not fun.
It’s not fun, you’re right. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. You’re in my thoughts and prayers today.


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I was thinking with pup, @AMusingChickadee , we don't expect any improvement in the 'rear axles', but she's losing strength in the front, and that would be the end of the line. 😣😥😥
Oh my. I imagine that is very hard to watch and prepare for. 😥 I remember one of my dogs as a child lost use of her back legs after cancer, and it is heartbreaking. You are an amazing fur-parent. I can tell how much you care and are trying to do the best you can in a very difficult situation. She is a very loved pup, and I think she knows that. ❤️
That's so kind @AMusingChickadee , thank you. Tbh, awful. We put down our handicapped dog today. The sedative was supposed to take 5 minutes (said 99% of dogs would be asleep at 1/2 that dose in 5 minutes), took 55 minutes plus intravenous, then lethal injection which wasn't all not-painful. 😭 Likely wrong choice as sister said later it feels like, "What have we done??!". 😞😪😪 Idk. Just wonder if we should have left when sedative didnt work, as obviously her will was to stay despite her sufferings or the deterioration. Atm life feels awful and confusing and pointless. 😒 Just got off a highway in a near blizzard a couple of hours ago.