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Prazosin for nightmares


New Here
Hi guys,
I was wondering if any of you have taken prazosin for nightmares. I was prescribed it recently since I have nightmares frequently. Im just reluctant to take it since I'm already on a cocktail of medications 😵‍💫 let me know your experiences, if any and maybe some other ways that have helped you deal with frequent nightmares. Thxxx guys 🙂
It’s not something I’ve taken, but the friends I have that do swear by it. Their spouses don’t get any relief, as the nightmares still happen, their spouses “simply” don’t remember them, and wake up refreshed and energetic. So sleeping in seperate bedrooms is the most common workaround. So neither partner js dealing with the thrashing and screaming.

Viagra & Prazosin… 2 heart meds with SERIOUSLY wacky side effects!!!
on my no fly list. no nasty side effects but, like most of the drugs i have tried that use the same hopeful approach for the problem, the results were disappointing. Its different for everyone, go at it with a positive attitude because it might be the one for you. I have found mine, hope you find yours.
Prazosin works well for me. I don't have any side effects. My blood pressure isn't even lowered much. I'll still have the occasional nightmare, but it is a lot less common than they used to be. I don't remember my dreams now, unless I'm woken up suddenly by something. It doesn't do anything to help me fall asleep..