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Public Commitment to Exercise

I am struggling today, with the thought of doing my daily yoga practise.
My guy friend is here and I find it much harder to practise when he is around.

It will be a BIG victory if I manage to get my routine done today.
I did an yr long practise called "Self love yoga" with Adriene on Youtube.

I feel SO MUCH BETTER for doing it.
A little sweaty, a little shaker, but the good drugs are flowin' (as in endorphins and seratonin etc)
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Starting tomorrow, my plan is to spend most of my days alone at the park model fixing things while my husband is at work. I have staples and nails to pull, slide-out seals and wall studs to replace, insulating and skirting to do, etc. My head says this is exercise. Then it says it's all the exercise I need.

But I have been doing some pretty targeted exercise. None of this is really going to help my hips. It's certainly not going to help my shoulders.

So, here is my compromise: I am not going to go out of my way to burn calories, count calories or do cardio this week. I AM going to do my hip, core and shoulder exercises. Typically, I do these every other day so as to not be too sore and that's what I intend to do this week, as well. This means I am off the hook for Monday, but not today. Today I will do my hip, core and shoulder exercises after my husband and I come back from the park model this afternoon.
I went for a walk! Next time I probably won't take my dog, as he decided 1/4 of the way through that he was going to lay down, then when I told him his command, "Let's go!" He refused, and I dragged him like an inch to see if he would get up and NOPE, so I got to carry that fluffy boy the rest of the way. Learned my lesson. 😂
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Up at 5:30, at Lowe's by 7:30, cooked breakfast, 90 minutes of driving, four hours of demolition and cleanup, 2 loads of laundry (all the way - folded, hung up -everything), 3 pages of diary, cooked our week's worth of veggies, picked up groceries and somehow forced myself into doing my exercises this evening despite at least a half-hour of internal protests.

If I hadn't said I was going to exercise today, I'd have let myself get out of this - easy.
I walked around in the middle of the night before last inside my home. Last night I was too freaked out about this huge spider I found in my home which I killed with bug spray. I will walk around in here now. (Still under quarantine).
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Alright so, I do not want to do this seeings as how I am sore and grumpy and therefore almost completely unmotivated to improve my situation BUT I already said I would right?? (I guess I need even more commitment today.)

I will do my shoulder, hips and core exercises today. I let myself "rest" yesterday while I tore out ceiling and cleaned but today is a new day.
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