General Rant and complain thread open to all supporters


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Feeling pretty low at the moment it's been a month since I last talked to my partner with trauma. We both said I love you to each other at the airport. Than she has ghosted me since than I've reached out twice and nothing.

She had been battling her trauma for a bit and was going back and forth on if she could stay in a relaxed with me.


Feeling pretty shitty tonight. It's been 72 days since my ex partner and I spoke. Seemingly blocked without reason.
I just wish I'd get a message from her. I still cry every day thinking about how she'd stamp her lil feet when she'd get frustrated that I couldn't come to bed with her, or wasn't able to attend something with her, or thinking about the lil hat I bought her for her birthday a few weeks before we broke up. She loved it so much.

I wish she didn't have to deal with this illness, and I wish I supported her better through it.


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I hate the “what-if” game… never, ever let yourself go there. Damn, I’m glad we weren’t together before Iraq, because then I’d *know* what “what-if” was like.

I’m having a shitty “what-if” day. How can such an awesome person be such a PTSD ass at times?
ive played that game alot lately. "what if i could have done this or that to better support them or what if we had met before their abusive relationship." it takes a huge toll on my mental health. so sending you good vibes