Recorded therapy sessions


Interesting take Barefoot about the depersonalization comment. I do not have DID but that is interesting point even just having the camera in therapy and being able to see my face sometimes feels funny --- maybe that is how I get the idea in me in the first place...even though I was polite consciously not to look at my face while in therapy. I am poor selfie as I always look at my face!! with crooked eyes... it is a running joke in my household.

I got the feeling that watching a therapy session after the fact and seeing my unconscious parts and behaviours will be extremely humiliation or shame producing but I find whenever I learned a new part of myself, the first thing I feel is experience is the shame of OMG I was like that and did not wow that is really weird/stupid I did not know that side of wow without even knowing i lacked insight, I still go on and take a chance (depression type of feeling) and more embarrassment, to bravery and to compassion and acceptance and back again depending how deep is the cut.

So I get that fear but I am truly interested in knowing myself with all its warts and I am risking deep depression to know myself. I do have relatively strong community and life support and ... I have mild cases of PTSD not debilitating anymore so again, it was an idea maybe I could handle it. However, I can also stop and it is not life time project.

I am not interested in recording without my therapist for simple reason, I am not interested in seeing my face deceiving the other. There is no use for that for me. I want to see unconscious behaviour of myself to heal not conscious behaviour of lying/decieving/hiding...I am not interested in anything like that.

I am in therapy school and watched some of the videos from research and they were fascinating to me. There was a video called Still Fcce Experiment - a powerful video.
It is powerful to watch and see how damaging it can be for a long sustained invalidation and avoidance in a child. I have those and I struggle to see sometimes how subtle my feelings are. I learned how to compensate and I learned how to overcome but there are deep ones I do not access but I sense them after therapy when I am alone and reflecting...and then the next one is another session...

I think that video would have been great for training first time mothers during pregnacy! It is quite powerful for me. I cry every time I see it.

It shows very clearly we are all impacted how we were treated then (some worse than others)...but I do have a lot of triggers which I can feel in my body but cannot put my finger on...very early experiences I this is where my interest is coming from. Also intellectually speaking, I honestly feel this may become a new frontier of therapy and if some people (obviously with care of certain medical conditions) can observe with a professional and learn that way, they too can learn how to explore and process rather than in talk therapy. Maybe next phase is see therapy. I think the fact we are, most of us, anyway doing therapy online may ignite a whole new way of doing therapy. There are a lot of therapists, as you say, of course who did not want to do video but now they do not have a choice if they want to keep their clients supported and their livelihood continue.

I think we are sitting on the verge of something new after Covid 19.


Other thing coming to mind @grit, if you are interested in recorded & then analyzed therapy sessions, psych students & their supervisors may be someone to think of.

As in AFAIK doing exactly that with recording sessions is a regular part of quite a few helping professions involving mental health curriculums / mandated practice to pass the grade or certif demands.

And I don't mean just very new to it undergrads... people working on their PhDs or with solid years of practice in medicine need to up skills too, time to time... so not just being a test bunny ;)

Some times can be beneficial with reduced therapy costs, too.

So students & research projects = places to check out.


That is great idea Ronin!

I never even thought about that. It would still be a negotiation to have them on board in the recording but maybe they are more interested in it for learning too.

A food for a thought!