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Sufferer Registered Sex Offender And Counselor?!

Hello All,

I was on this site back in 2016 under the name BuckarooBanzai. Back then, I engaged in a 12 page litany with many of you about my brother, a registered sex offender and now an unlicensed doctoral level therapist. The thread is still available on this site. Well. Here I am in 2024. Just wanted to let you know what happened.

First, I am now in my last year of law school! Will be going after Bad Guys as soon as I pass the bar exam.

Second, I cut both my mother and brother out of my life. They do not know where I live or that I am in law school.

Third, the situation with my brother is worse than I originally related to you all. I ordered his legal files and found the truth. He was not, as he claimed, incarcerated for six years for having a consensual relationship with his step-daughter. Rather, he molested/raped his minor son over a couple of years, and threatened the kid with everything under the sun if the rapes ever got out. When his son went to the police, he went on the lam for almost two years and lived under an alias. When finally caught (bench warrant), he only pleaded guilty because he saw that, not only would all of his children be testifying against him, but that there were SIX witnesses at the top of the list who claimed to be victims. So he played let's make a deal with the prosecution in order to keep this all out of trial. He was sentenced to six years in state prison.

Last: After earning his doctorate in counseling, he committed fraud. I won't go into it here, but there is no longer any doubt: He is a sociopath.

Note to mods: Is there any way to get my original BuckarooBanzai login back? I no longer have the email address I originally registered under, and so had to register again under this new name.

Thank you for sharing your update with us, and we appreciate you reaching out to reconnect with the community. I'm truly sorry to hear about the challenging situations you've faced with your family, especially with your brother. It sounds like you've been through a lot, and I want to acknowledge your strength and resilience in navigating these difficult circumstances.

It's great to hear that you're now in your last year of law school and working towards a career in seeking justice. Pursuing a career where you can make a positive impact is commendable, and I wish you all the best as you prepare for the bar exam.

It's clear that you've been through a lot, and I want to emphasize the importance of self-care and seeking support when needed. If you find yourself struggling with the experiences you've shared or if you need a safe space to process your emotions, please know that there are resources and individuals here who understand what you're going through.

If you feel comfortable, you may also consider exploring the specific forums related to PTSD and CPTSD on myptsd.com. Connecting with others who have similar experiences can provide validation, support, and a sense of community during difficult times.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, and please know that you are not alone in your journey towards healing and recovery.

Warm regards,
Riley Jones