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Self-medicating my panic attacks.


I've been dealing with a lot of stress and that makes me be so dissociated, having tics, losing my capacity to move , feeling like dying, dizzy, blurry and a lot of more stuff.

For that reason I've been takin lorazepam 1mg like 3 or 4 times per day and also I'm mixing it with xanax 0.5. I think I'm taking too much medication but in other way I could't be functional at all because I dissociate constantly anyways.

What can I do? My shrink is like in 2 months and I feel like I'm overmedicating me but I couldn't handle it in other way. I also take prozac 20mg.
Do you have a GP that you can speak to? Definitely I’d personally be avoiding using benzos for dissociation.

Things I’ve found most helpful for keeping stress in manageable levels: good sleep, daily cardio, and breathing exercises every day.

Things I find most helpful to manage dissociation: mindfulness and grounding exercises, self soothing habits, and stress management (so, the same stuff as above).

I use an antipsychotic to also help me manage my dissociation (extended release quetiapine).
IT's not for dissociation is for anxiety, that also makes the first worse. And no, I only have my T to talk.
Quetiapine made you like more grounded? Or with less memory loss and concentrated? I would like to feel more like here than now
I only have my T to talk.
GPs here in Aus are the first line for management of anxiety for a lot of people. The don’t tend to get involved in complex stuff where there’s a specialist prescribing, but if there’s no access to specialists (like in your case), they’re the ones that keep folks going till that changes.
Quetiapine made you like more grounded? Or with less memory loss and concentrated?
Yeah. I have DID, without quetiapine, my anxiety and dissociation go through the roof. That’s the only reason I take it. I take the extended release version because it minimises the side effects for me.

It also helps keep my mood stable, although my mood is also supported by an atypical antidepressant as well.
mindfulness and grounding exercises, self soothing habits, and stress management
Yup - practice until your T asks you what your thinking and you start telling them the grounding statements you are going through in your head.........even surprised my new T with that last session when we were doing some pretty heavy work.

Definitely would be working with T to see if you can get to where you can reduce benzos. I use a dozen or so a year just for large family gatherings and medical appointments.
Lorazapam and xanax are both benzodiazepines. Xanax works faster, but lorazepam is longer lasting (best of my recollection). It sounds like you believe you are taking too much. Is that what your dr prescribed for you to take, or did they just state as needed? I dont know where you are, but here in the states gen. practice often prescribes even though you discuss with therapist. They have a limit on what they will prescribe and if they cut you back it will be much more difficult. I have taken too much before and tapering down is very difficult. Can you get in to see your general physician sooner to discuss. I use ,5 xanax at bedtime but I would love to be off of it. I am considering trying medical marajuana to get off of it. Is that something that helps your panic? Most of the time, I dont suffer panic attacks but more GAD. When I try to sleep my mind races. I think the fact that you suspect you are using too much is probably a good measure.
You may be in for a world of hurt when you try to come off of it, FYI. Some people experience protracted withdrawals. Think in terms of a year, not weeks or even months. No cold Turkey, you will need to taper. It’s different from other drugs. Please be informed about these drugs.