Service miniature horse for PTSD? Do you work with horses for emotional support or can you provide insight?

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I have a co worker who has two mini ponies she uses as therapy animals - takes them to local hospitals and such. The logistics are pretty complicated - especially when you think about stairs, getting on to a bus, a plane, back seat of a car, the whole bit. Plus the hygine is harder
But this...
But going into a store, or any other public space like that with a minature horse would be a pretty huge sensation.
There would probably be huge discussions.
And all sorts of people would come up to you to pet the horse.
I think you'd be the centre of attention for miles around.
Would be the deal breaker for me. I already can't stand them noticing my dog. A mini horse? Probably not a good idea for ptsd.

I know some people with mobility issues use great danes and there is a fb group created by a guy who uses a malamute. Those two breeds are bigger than horses - so you could get some ideas of how they manage with a large animal..???
lol, I know zero goats who would cooperate for that

I periodically half-joke (If they were real it wouldn’t be by halves!) that I want a Service-Velociraptor. I could name him Blue, get a motorcycle, meet up with you & your service-goat. :sneaky: No worries about it/him/her being lunch. As, you know, the whole scenario is imaginary.

I’m now also dodging imaginary blows up the backside of my head by the chicks at the Lesbian Goat Farm. Yeah yeah yeah, I never show proper respect to goats. Delicious f*ckers, though. Put them in the back of the Range Rover, they stay fresh for weeks until you’re ready to BBQ (they’re seriously going to kick my ass one of these days). It’s a dairy farm.

I’m not sure how blind people or people with mobilty challenges manage when they have mini horses.
They’re fairly rare. But if you’re allergic to dogs, live in a ranch-style home (one level, no stairs), with a large backyard you’ve turned into a pasture / connecting mud room into a stable, in a small town/village where you walk to everything? And have hired help? It would probably be perfect. Needs must, and all that, ya know?

Along the same lines of normal being what you make of it, I’ve lived a time or three in places people still ride horses to get about most places. I love that. Probably a lot more than I should. Anyhow, point being, you simply tie them to the hitching post outside shops, hobble them or turn them out in the back field behind your job, etc. Lots of times they’re with you 15 or 20 hours a day.


I have to very strongly agree with the idea of using money that would attempt to shoehorn a horse into your life, rather than it being a lifestyle that suits it, with self care & full life pursuits, instead. Riding lessons, equine therapy, etc. if horse-bound.
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