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Sleep Cycles

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I take sleep meds as needed, I am not afraid of my nightmares anymore they just make me angry when it happens but i have taught myself to let them go. I jing most nights I only sleep2 or 4, sometimes 4 hours in a row. Therefore never fully going ttheour a true REM cycle. That is why I still feel exhausted much on the time, even though I slept 8 hours the night before, but it acutually took 14 hours to give me a total of 8. Other nights...I am enjoying the peace and quiet and darkness and i am so much calmer...I don't want it to end because sometimes now...I am afraid of tomorrow. I generally will also stay awake for 2-3 days stright and then crash. Sometimes i will get a full 8 hours those nights because I am just beyond exhaustion.
After not sleeping well for umpteen years, I experienced yet another severe trauma in the evening. My sleep pattern changed to staying awake all night then falling asleep when the sun rose and sleeping until noon or later. I've been taking Trazodone and now sleep in the late evening (11 or so, but before 12:30 am most nights) and rise naturally before 5 am.
I wonder if the periods of good sleep relax us enough to be able to deal with a new layer of "stuff" so it surfaces and disrupts for a while. I too can't seem to get enough sleep. 9 hours a night is my norm. I used to feel lazy about it, but decided my waking hours just take so much out of me I must need it. I got a rock garden fountain light from WalMart for $20 that I loooove. I imagine I'm by a brook in the grass, no fears, so peaceful. My cats think it's an alternate water source for them so they don't have to go in the other room for water (so thoughtful of me) so I have to fill and clean it a lot but it's worth it.
Cyndi...I used to have a fountain like that , but it broke...I really need to get another one it was very calming and relaxing. My cats used it as their personal watering fountain too! I found it cute but it did need to be filled very frequently!
I wonder if the periods of good sleep relax us enough to be able to deal with a new layer of "stuff" so it surfaces and disrupts for a while.

I've wondered something similar to that, too. When I'm having a period of sleep issues, I seem to be able to do just about anything on a limited amount of sleep. But when I'm sleeping fine, I think my body is recharging itself to be able to deal with anything on limited sleep. This said from the woman who laid down to read and ended up with a three hour nap under her belt. But man it felt good to sleep!

I tell myself that my body knows what it needs and I should just go along with it.

My Dr. has me taking Melatonin to reset my sleep clock. I take some about an hour before I want to go to sleep...and I have noticed it does make me feel drowsy. Before I was waiting hours until I just couldnt keep my eyes open anymore to go to bed. Also about 6 hours before I want my bedtime to be I take 1/2 a tablet of it. Supposedly if I do this for a time it will reset my clock and I wont need to take the hour before I go to bed ones anymore. (I take 3 or 4 then)
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