Small things, great victories. What’s yours?

(PS. Thank you for loving that.)

I get freaked out by talking about future plans. Even -or especially- in motion.

Too many things have gone wrong, or gone badly. So it takes a bit’o’courage to even mention in passing… much less declare. Bold faced. This is what I want. This is what I’m doing.
Sorted out the issue with the Visa gift cards and they are both still good—whew!

This pay period is going to be tight but I know it’s going to get better and suddenly I have space in my brain to focus on financial organizing every day—for the first time in about 20 years! 😳 It feels satisfying and relieving to be able to have that focus back. Hoping I can foster and encourage it.
Spilled milk on my couch last night! 😱

It was kind of the puppy’s fault but also I know better. 😏

My accomplishment is that I cleaned it last night using the vacuum spot cleaner, and then today learned about the need for leather conditioner (crispy leather no fun to sit on in shorts). Bought some conditioner today, buffed up the leather, and everything is clean and soft! ✨
Registered on the website for my medical insurance, only 18 months after receiving it. 😑 Sent a confused email to finance about the dental insurance she helped me with 6 months ago, and I’m just now following through.

I displayed my lack of follow through with my healthcare. But I Have to remember it’s *healthcare*: there’s no award for being the most on top of ones health and self care. It’s for *me*. No shame in facing it. It took me a lot of effort to focus on the website registration 🥴 but I did it. Which will make it easier for next time. 😰

I couldn’t find the provider list so I sent another email. Kind of embarrassing how hard it is for me to do this stuff.

And I used my planner—wrote in it and found out that each month has a place to write gratitude and goals. It’s okay that it took me 6 months to know that about a calendar that I bought for myself:

And I set a timer to focus on that paperwork/account stuff for one hour and uncovered how resistant I am at doing tech email and medical accounts and planning… 🥵 but I can do it. I can choose to do it. And every time I do it it makes it easier for me next time.
I just realized I haven't slept with weapons beside my bed in a long time. I'm honestly not even sure how long it's been, I'm thinking a few years maybe.

That's actually not a "small" thing but rather a huge accomplishment. I started sleeping with weapons at 7 years old so to not need them anymore is huge. To not even think twice about it until I started deep cleaning my bedroom just a little while ago and realizing this is even more significant.

Yay me. Go me. This is awesome for me.