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Small things, great victories. What’s yours?

So, as we all know, even the smallest tasks can be insurmountable challenges at times. And those days? We get to be heroes just tackling a thing normies would consider minor.
I was thinking about this yesterday, I wouldn't go so far as to say I feel proud, but I managed through triggers (which I also realize is worse for me to manage without sleep, including even writing or printing), and some obstacles, to honor someone, or try to, including 'staying' for that purpose and out of respect for them and to try to be more kind than more-triggered. And they were more kind and gracious than I ever thought. So, am relieved I 'did it'. Granted, I realize I don't belong there and am kind of in the way, but at least I did it. Am relieved. Wasn't easy, tbh.
Hung out with someone new (my partner's friend) at his house and didn't freak out! Even managed to talk some. I didn't realize that during most social interactions since the abuse I've been terrified into silence until now that it's starting to go away. When I was in the long-term psych ward, I was known as Subtitles because I rarely spoke. But look at me now!
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I am sitting in my chair next to my bed and one dog is on my lap and the other moved closer to be by me. Significant because the one on my lap is hyper and doesn’t love to be touched but she’s figured out I can give her what she needs besides a toy tossed. The other dog was adopted and it’s been a hard won battle to get him to understand that I can give him what he wants so him wanting my attention is new, an upgrade from not wanting it to tolerating it.