Small things, great victories. What’s yours?

Mopping! Friggin’ mopping. I never mopped before, but I would be on my hands and knees hand wiping every square inch. Decided to let go of Cinderella and join the modern era. Even with the mop I had to keep reminding myself, “It’s okay to stand up all the way.” Feeling kind of amazing that I finally am someone who can do something as mundane as mopping—*because I don’t have to do it the perfectly best way on my hands and knees!*
Making and eating dinner felt like an accomplishment tonight. Because I really wanted to just eat cookies. Still ate cookies but after the meal.
Changing the sheets on my bed.

Noticing that I was creating a pile of clothes on my desk and consciously hanging up my clothes I was wearing as I got ready for bed instead of adding to the pile.