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Small things, great victories. What’s yours?

I can move my right hand, today. Been over a week of not being able to. Expect I’ll lose function again, here, soon enough. Along with my right arm & right leg. But today. I could move it. Had control over it. All day. Not just for seconds. I suppose I should be grateful for those days where I have even seconds or minutes/moments. Instead of all day, all night, all week, all month. But? I’m not. As I don’t know why this is happening. 14 months of IDFK. So I’m trying to take the wins, when & where, I find them.

Today? I could do this. So? I did.

Sometimes I truly think this life is a dream, and real life is that I’ve been flung from a wreck, or fallen off a cliff, or washed up on a rocky shore… and am lying on rocks drifting in and out of consciousness.
I went where I thought I wasn't welcome. And thought it's probably the right thing because the weather made it almost impossible and that's often how it is when I am trying to do something important. Relieved too because high stress has made me question everything. Was comforting.
I battled not knowing where to go. Actually helped someone out with directions! (The blind leading the blind lol.) Saw a sign I liked, something like Courage is found in unlikely places. Met a couple of new people.
Next up: haircut I hope.
Holy Hannabelle I made it to the Dr, and actually may now have a Dr!(?) And said, "Now that hurts" once, which I always don't mean to but keep mum. I'm supposed to eat soft foods for a week- thought, I'll have to dip the cookies lol. OMG All I feel like now is nachos. 🤭😊
I have been working with a therapist to prepare for EMDR sessions. The lead up requires introspective questions about yourself that would usually instantly instill panic for having to share anything over-personal or emotional or try to evaluate myself objectively without getting super weird about it...for some reason I was able to answer the questions calmly and actually think about them instead of an intense under current of panic about being open and vulnerable. Every time I didn't feel it I was surprised but so happy!