Small things, great victories. What’s yours?

I relocated to another part of the country for the cheaper rent and quieter lifestyle, uprooted my life and moved to set up a new life for me and my husband when he gets here (he lives abroad). I did it, all of the organising bills, working whilst settling in as much as I could. After 6 weeks there, I felt isolated and low and decided I need to pick up my work computer drive the 100 miles back to my hometown and stay with a relative who is supportive and always makes me feel safe. Since being here I have had a clear mind and managed to successfully complete the visa application me and my husband are doing for him to be able to join me here. Had I stayed there in a place where I don't know anyone apart from my husband's sister who lives near our new home, I would have sunk into low mood and dissociated. I am proud of myself for recognising what I need, reconnecting with myself and others again by coming home to a place that feels like home for me. Having a taste of my former routine is reminding me of who I am. I can get strong and then go back to my new home feeling accomplished, with a plan of how to combat low mood - gym, meeting new people etc. until my husband joins me.