Small things, great victories. What’s yours?

I relocated to another part of the country for the cheaper rent and quieter lifestyle, uprooted my life and moved to set up a new life for me and my husband when he gets here (he lives abroad). I did it, all of the organising bills, working whilst settling in as much as I could. After 6 weeks there, I felt isolated and low and decided I need to pick up my work computer drive the 100 miles back to my hometown and stay with a relative who is supportive and always makes me feel safe. Since being here I have had a clear mind and managed to successfully complete the visa application me and my husband are doing for him to be able to join me here. Had I stayed there in a place where I don't know anyone apart from my husband's sister who lives near our new home, I would have sunk into low mood and dissociated. I am proud of myself for recognising what I need, reconnecting with myself and others again by coming home to a place that feels like home for me. Having a taste of my former routine is reminding me of who I am. I can get strong and then go back to my new home feeling accomplished, with a plan of how to combat low mood - gym, meeting new people etc. until my husband joins me.
Found a possible dentist who is in network, member of ADA, located between work and home, and accepts my discount card thingie. Have to call on Monday.

Called my car insurance to ask for the accident from five years ago to be taken off my driving record and they did.

Did some paper organizing.
Eek, still haven’t called that dentist 🥹

But I made this perfect soft boiled egg today 🤩
It was especially satisfying because I had to toss the first one for being underdone.
I accomplished a lot of physically big jobs, (though not one thing that was important to me , so I suppose I have to learn balance in work/ exhaustion, +/or prioritizing my own 'needs'/ want; and there was one job I wished I didn't start on another's advice, though I don't blame them of course but ran out of weather). But, tbh, the big jobs were not the victory. Today I felt sad, and kind of hollowed, and pretty hopeless, and I remembered my friend allways said (to remember), "God is close to the broken hearted". Full stop. Later I made a small act(ion) of faith. And though still sad I feel focused.

Funny, I couldn't find this thread, I searched small accomplishments. Then small victories. But yes that small act was a great victory.
Attempted to clean out two slow drains. Succeeded with one!

Also, been doing better about cleaning the kitchen before bed.

Brushed teeth and turned down my bed for myself then read on the couch for an hour. That was the first time in my adult life that I’ve ever turned down the bed for myself. Felt like an achievement.
In September my daily steps averaged 150 (it was worse when I was bed and wheel chair bound this summer) and yesterday I walked more than 2,000 steps! For me it is a huge accomplishment and just motives me to keep pushing a little more each day. Those steps were real walking (still a little weird) but without a cane or walker!