Small things, great victories. What’s yours?

Noticed that my stress cup was overflowing by the thoughts I was having and how my body was feeling heavy. Knew that a bath is something that is helpful for emptying the stress cup. Planned to take a bath but then ended up using poor coping mechanisms (self harm crap) in the bathroom. Took a hot shower and felt like that was still a small win in the right direction. Also realizing just right now how much of a cue for self harm being in the bathroom can be because that’s where I did so much of it growing up. 🫤 I need to brainstorm how to block that cue or sidestep it. Maybe worth starting a thread.
Finally! Secured my media server. Because its shared over the internet, it needs an SSL connection (the difference between HTTP and HTTPS in your web browser. Theres a bunch of separate things you need to do to get an encryption "key" and lets just say my cognitive problems made it a fight every step of the way.

But it works!!!! At last it Works!!! Just needed a moment of celebration there.......🎆🎆🎆😁
built an electronics project and enjoyed it last night. Very satisfying to take components that are nothing by themselves and turn them into something that is so many times more than the sum of all the parts.
*almost* got the whole house cleaned today—only one thing left to do and I might be able to do it before I go to bed. This is a big deal because I’ve had a cleaning handicap all my life and I’ve been slowly trying to figure out a routine. And it feels like something might be clicking into place 🥹