Support thread for those with weight gain

In regards to BID, it (supposedly) replaces the missing "full" signal.

^The problem I see with taking a tablet to control that feeling is that it's not really controlling it because when the body adjusts or starts to metabolise that drug faster & one reaches the ceiling of theraputic safety- then you're back to where you began.

It may work as a circuit breaker - but it's not the answer long term. Nor is will power - of which us humans are notoriously defiicient in.

So approaching the management of Grehlin (hunger hormone) from several different directions aside from medication is more likely to succeed.

Controlling or managing stress and promoting the hormones that reduce appetite is.

Meanwhile, after a short period of paddling on the spot and wondering what I was doing - I dropped another 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds). I'm feeling like I can pull in my abdominal muscles now and it makes a difference. 😥😥

I'm not hungry so now I'm trying to be very selective regarding what I do eat. Controlling my appetite for protein is the biggest hurdle.

I'm not craving carby foods much at all but I do miss baking bc it was a hobby of sorts. So last week I visited a lady who cannot bake for herself due to disability and made her 16 big thumping blueberry muffins and.... didn't do a taste test lol....

And at home I made some coconut macaroons and expected that I might have the urge to eat all of them within a week with break-out desire for them. Again, it helped just making them but as soon as I had one... my expected desire that I was afraid of - wasn't there. I've still got about 6 left and cannot find the desire to eat more than one every few days. They're nice & I do enjoy the biting into them but somehow (thankfully) my brain isn't lighting up so much with the belly feel.

Last night I made a recipe for low carb/Keto chocolate chip cookies. Again, thoroughly enjoyed the making but not so fussed about getting them out of the oven and tasting them. The dough is in the fridge and I'll bake them tonight I guess. I'm doing a lot of research into baked products that do not have sugar or can be made from sugar alternatives. But now I'm discovering that despite the marketing - some sugar alternatives can and will spike insulin.

Now that I'm satisfied that hunger isn't going to drive me back to the kitchen after I eat - I have to start putting more effort into nutrient rich cooking.
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New Here
Hi there. Brand new to this site as of five minutes ago and educating myself on PTSD as I'm strongly suspecting that I've been misdiagnosed.
I'm currently diagnosed with general anxiety, and was prescribed Lexapro a year ago due to severe night terrors.
After a year, I've gained thirty pounds. That might not sound like a lot in comparison to the numbers that you all may be struggling with, but I grew up as a skinny girl, and suddenly in my early twenties I'm much thicker, much to my mothers dismay.
Because we needed to throw in some body dysmorphia on top of everything else, right?

ms spock

I'm thinking about maybe trying to get treatment for binge eating disorder. I've tried twice before, with no help received.
I am so sorry to read you didn't get any assistance or compassion for what you are dealing with. It's so hurtful to be honest, seek help and not be heard.

I need help, before I give myself high blood pressure, diabetes, and a heart attack. There are serious consequences to morbid obesity. *I can't sugar coat it, I'd just eat that too*
It's great that you are taking action and have initiative.

I haven't read this whole thread so if these resources aren't useful please ignore them and think ms spock doesn't understand but is trying to be of assistance and give me some support. I mean well but it might not be useful for you, if it is great.

This is my thread about my disordered eating. I struggle with eating as well.

Not beating yourself up can assist.

I am finding this of use.
David Burns' books are what I am reading now.

It's a different way of thinking about it - might be of interest.