That being around caused trauma for me has a really negative impact on my relationships still


Because that was the title of your thread.
Oh okay thank that was what I was looking for support on. It's not like I have said I don't want people to go to school idk. It just want it so people can't make me feel that distressed at school to the point that I can't cope. I also if they care not able to address that need some like much kinder assumption and actions about just like occasionally over messaging when it's like pretty understandable. I'm working on not doing it. It's not like I threanted any one. It's suck to have had that happen with the abolish the police group like most people caring about how it impacted me. Then like try to manage my triggers about it. I was so triggered and distressed that I couldn't cope but I had asked so many times for people to stop triggering me so much and they didn't. Then making a mistake in how I was coping over messaging. But doing so when I was so triggered ended up doing my over share and over messaging infront of a larger amount of people at school about a lot of my truama. Then getting in trouble for that and kicked out of the queer trans copporarive group. Then the trying to get it resolved being pretty unhelpful and making me feel really bad about myself. I just didn't need to get in like more situation where I am treated like the only problem in that situation. It been months without really much relsove but I just to radically accept where it is at currently.