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The Comedy Vault


For when you need an extra laugh (which is always, IMO). You can embed videos from most websites by clicking on the media button beside the quotation mark and it will let you know which sites are supported as well. I'll start off... (by the way, you can post about five videos before they stop embedding!) I know we have a channel for members to tell stories of things from their day that made them smile, so I wanted to make this thread more broadly about funny videos.

“Meredith, I’m worried that the baby thinks people can’t change.”

"He entered her like a lottery."

Your turn!
LMFAO @Weemie . @ 38+ weeks? One is DEFINITELY pregananent!!! 🤣 Totally the correct spelling. As it’s waaaaaay beyond pregnant. (GTFO-of-me-I-want-my-body-back-I’m-done-Im-done-right-f*cking-NOW).

I’m totally serious, I’m going to start using preganent IRL.

"He entered her like a lottery."
That one almooooost competes with…

“He thrust his purple headed warrior into her golden love pudding.”

🤣 😂 😝