The physical side effects of ptsd…

Calm in the chaos

welcome to the thread of the less discussed physical aspects of ptsd 🌺
You are ever so kind hearted, thank you. It’s nice to know doctors are discovering that trauma can really f*ck you up physically. From what I learnt from figuring out why I can’t walk, the brain is ever so powerful and really bites me in the ass when I go against its core beliefs.


Made more fun when your trauma includes restricted breathing and you can't wear night guards or anything like that.
Yikes…tricky one. My restricted breathing trauma wasn’t the mouth, though it did still take some getting used to as a little heightened initially when I started with the mouth guard.
I actually had to explain to a few clinicians that I couldn’t do the prep and colonoscopy because of trauma reactions, they hadn’t considered that side of things. We think there’s some issues and possible light but regular bleeding in intestines, and this and other suspected issues could all be treated or resolved if we can confirm, but trauma reaction stopping test being done. Or treatment triggers trauma reaction, and exposure and desensitisation are hard work, though can be worth it. Modified approaches are hard to come by, but some clinicians think outside the box


I took endless stick from not wearing a night guard from my dentist........until we found out about the PTSD thing. At which point he said "that also explains why you have fillings popping out too"

It also limits activities where breathing is restricted like swimming and even made taking a shower difficult.

When it comes to medical stuff - doctors, lab work, hospital etc. I should come with a warning poster. Long story short, flu where symptoms came on really suddenly, guy who needs to medicate so his body has stuff to fight and blood pressure, Passed out in the kitchen, wife rushes home, ambulance attendant didn't want to take me at first panicking by the time we get to the hospital because BP went from 100 over to 80 over in 10 min, Severe headache, opiates, begin a week of sending any nurse near me when I wake up screaming (literally screaming) away from me.

Took a few years but now we know why.......


my hands instantly go numb and lock up into painful positions. I can't even type properly.
Oh, hey, me too! All of this stuff. I'm a retired RN too and used to researching things. I worked in emergency services too. I have all the sleep problems, pain problems, nausea etc. I wish I didn't.