therapy three times a week?


For years I only had therapy once a week, the break in between feeling super long, holding the feelings together super hard.
With my new therapist after a month we started doing two sessions a week. And then today she suggested maybe we could meet three time a week.
I was jumping out with joy inside of me. But was also scared as heck. What does this mean? How did I deserve so much attention?
Will it impact my life too much to talk about all this stuff three times a week? Or will it make it easier as I will have someone to help me more frequently.
I never thought I would be able to get this kind of support.
Anyone else gone to therapy three times a week?
See it as a positive so many cannot get support and the extra will deal with any events quicker than once a week .With DID a lot can happen in a day so this is good you are lucky