This is the kind of day…

@DharmaGirl John comes off as being a bit lecherous at times but he was just making a living and it was pretty tongue in cheek. He was long term happily married most of his life, one of my favorites, killed by suppression of information that might have saved him from covid if the ship of fools had shared what was known. He was one of the first to go.
thats the kind of day this is for me, David Lindley died and I heard today. played slide and steel for jackson browne and sang the ridiculous high falsetto on “stay”, a true artist with a sense if humor, just like John. Damn.
Unh. Therapy Hangover.

I’ve done all the things. Sleep, meds (Tylenol, ibuprofen, Sudafed, Fluticasone, Zofran), vitamins, coffee, shower, food, puffer, hoping-hoping-hoping this eye crossing headache is from something else.


My brain has a cramp in it.

S’what I get for yesterday having so much linear clarity. Need to snuggle up to some chaos. Possibly wearing some assless chaps and eyeliner. Or farmboy white tee and jeans. Smelling of Bvlgari & wicked grins & trouble. Carrying a giant down duvet. And sushi for breakfast. Or a steak sandwich. Light a fire & lock the doors & cut the power. This day is cancelled. Or we could rob the HSBC in Hong Kong? I’m good either way.
a day off. So I can now feel as if I am doing the work for me alone. But I am spinning my wheels cause the stuff I bought isn't as promised and wont work for my big project. F1tv, maybe an MLB tv day, final four today too, yep, a wasted day.