This is the kind of day…

Did you say therapy, @Friday? Since when? I didn't think you had a therapist right now. Sending peace and calm your way.
LOL… I don’t. Ish. I was seeing the director at the local vet center before Covid, and we still email occasionally, but I don’t do tele-anything due to privacy concerns. Face to face or nada. 😎

HOWEVER? I spent about 10 hours doing exposure therapy, yesterday. Super clear day. And it was wicked cool to be able to see myself be clear and concise in some areas, get tangled up in others, and actually smooth them out. Come back to them again, still smooth. Not clear and concise yet… but not jellyfish in a spiderweb in a whirlpool, either.

I wasn’t touching on any of my Big Bad (which is more like Kraken Meets Christmas Lights -electrocution imminent- Tangled on a good day). But? I was moving really smoothly across a 10 year period, with a lot of different trauma types, most of which do link back to my Big Bad; yet able to keep my focus, both on that time period and today (yesterday 😉), doing all the daily life & balance stuff. As 10 hours, is waaaaaaay more than I usually do on purpose… but stil leaves a lot of living time in a 20 hour day.

Solid win.

But today? My brain hurts. And linear anything ain’t happening! 🤣
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Thick fog to start. Went to refill my sugar for my coffee, got the stuff out, filled it, put the empty sugar bag in the recycling, finish making breakfast while wondering where the kittens went and why they are being so after an hour vacuuming everywhere I put the dry ingredients bin (what was left) back in the pantry.....Can't be mad if my being brain dead left it where they could get into it......
Where the need to take a shower is at war with the towels being in the wash.

All good things. Hot water, soap, towels, laundry machinery, being indoors, etc. And here I am vexed about it. <casts eyes skyward>. Luxury problems. They’re like paper cuts & hot peppers. Far more pain & swearing & vexation than warranted.