Triggered by the idea of being intoxicated


New Here
When I experienced a recent traumatic event, I was under the influence of drugs. Ever since then, even the idea of being intoxicated in any form is very triggering to me. It’s even spread to where I get triggered if anyone around me is under the influence as well. I hate the idea of feeling less than 100% in control and I get so scared of overdose, poison, and any other physical symptom that might come along with being drunk or high.

It’s getting to be disruptive of my every day. I ordered delivery today and when my food arrived it smelled strongly of weed. I figure my delivery driver must’ve been smoking in the car. Well, this triggered a panic attack because I thought that if I ate the food I would get high, if I touched the box that the food came in I would absorb the smoke through my skin and get high, as well as worrying about that individual feeling out of control.

The triggers just absolutely decimate my ability to think logically and the panic just overtakes everything