UPDATED : Trying To Resist Old Bad Habits...not Winning At The Moment

Well, I don't know how helpful this is but I can think of a lot of even more unhelpful coping mechanisms, and you're not doing any of those.

Could you give yourself a break? You're under a lot of stress right now, so it seems pretty natural to me that you'd go back to old behaviors.


It's so easy to return to these coping mechanisms when there is stress.

Last year I downed a nearly full bottle of wine after a triggering event and only stopped drinking because I didn't want to be sick and have to feel my body. T turned it around and said it was self care to stop. Think she was hightlighting a difference that I stopped, and that was positive. I was stuck in "I did it, I'm a failure and back to square one".

Is there a way for you to highlight a difference?
Yes you did it and you wish you hasn't. But the context of the situation. The difference is that you're on here and working it through? And that you managed to avoid doing it even though the desire was there?


Nope, not disgusting. Body focused repetitive disorders are very real. I have dermatillomania as well. I pick and pick at things. It's enjoyable. Etc.


Well, avoided it it...until I didn't. So, I don't know.
But you avoided it for that period. Until you didn't. But you delayed. So that is really positive. Maybe exploring what worked in delaying it? And building on that?
Trying to switch it around. Rather than berating yourself that you did it. Congratulating yourself that you delayed.