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Upgrade 2018 member feedback

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I have read the upgrade thread several times, actually.
Some of it is quite technically worded/ written from an admin point of view, so some of it is hard to grasp/ understand from a user perspective, without any programming/ forum technology background knowledge.
I'm doing my best to understand it tho and to keep track of all the changes.
16 features left to install, 9 of which are frontend user based. The 17th I have just installed, is an admin feature, and will take some of my time to get it sorted first before continuing. Slowly getting there, breathe and be patient please, there is a right order to all this.

Disregard any slowness you get at times, as that is me enabling / disabling caching as at times I need no caching to install features.
Well I thought this info was apart of the new upgrade.
That line is actually from Victor Frankl and there is no reference to that being his words. I understand if that is low on your priorities list.
Anthony, I certainly appreciate your work. I remember the effort it takes from back in the days of Win95 when I ran several live-chat forums. Its far from easy. I think the stuff you have here is more complicated.

I must have missed something somewhere. I see that an entire category of rooms is missing...?
I know that I frequented the Misc. & Sexual Assault sub-rooms. Now I can't seem to find them.
Not open for further replies.