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Upgrade 2018 changes

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Bookmarking Added

For those with more than 50 posts, you will have access to thread and post bookmarks. The bookmark is a small icon, located at the top of threads and on each post. It is set to quick bookmark. That means, no popup, no options, when bookmarking. You can manage and edit your bookmarks from your account bookmark settings page.

You will notice that both thread and post bookmarks will change colour once you bookmark, so you know what you have bookmarked, what you do not, just from the colour of the icon.

You can quick access your bookmarks next to your alerts, once you have a bookmark. Like your alert icon, you double click / tap the icon to go through to your bookmark settings page.

Quick and simple -- do all the editing of bookmarks after the fact, away from threads themselves.
Link System Monitoring

A system is now in place which monitors links, warns me of issues, and allows easy correction for me to any level. Example, it is currently rewriting a history of our URL using /c/ and rewriting all those links to our current non-use of the folder /c/ use.

Understand Google

Google has continually strived to present you, the searcher, only the highest quality, most accurate results. They strive for this in many ways, and a sites link quality is one. Who wants to browse a site with thousands of bad links that annoy you? Not many. So this cleans up our history to reflect an accurate 97% average accuracy for our links. That means when you click something, 97% plus times you should go exactly where you are expecting to go with a link.

Both usability and search rankings, this is an issue that has needed work. That is currently what is happening within this upgrade. Most of this is automated, little needs my attention, but it still takes time and is what is currently being worked on.

The reason this is important to be done now, where you may want features back, is that some features to be installed rely on link quality, and I would rather correct them now before installing further systems that rely upon them, than keep chasing my tail later.

The last 3% of inaccurate links will be picked up as users click them and they don't do what they're supposed to. We will change them or place redirects in so they do go where you expect them. Either way, the issue is being corrected, then monitored, then constantly corrected where any issues are found, going forward.

Progress is happening, you just don't necessarily see or notice these things.
Predefined Replies

Added to the 2nd upgrade, reached at 50 posts.

Predefined replies allow you to create saved replies that you use often, to quickly input them within a reply to someone. Access via your account settings. They only work for replies, not thread creation, which is not a reply to someone.

The title is only for your purpose - to identify what the reply contains.

You have a salutation option, which allows you to auto choose whether it automatically adds an automatic greeting based on your regional time settings, along with your username. You choose these options for each reply.

For example, I have created a reply staff use a lot, being to ask questions via the contact us system. I selected the "both" option under automated sentences. The courtesy adds, good afternoon, good morning, good evening, so forth, based on your timezone settings, automatically. Name adds your name below it.

Create one and play around with it in the test forum to see what each setting does.

You will see above the reply field your contact us titles:

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 3.10.41 pm.png

When the both salutation is selected, it automatically adds to my predefined message:

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 3.10.58 pm.png

My account timezone is set to Melbourne, Australia, and it is afternoon here, so it automatically knows to add afternoon.

You can select "none" to simply use your predefined reply, no salutation.

Play around with it in the test forum please, to avoid any mistakes for its use.
Second Usergroup Upgrade - 50 Posts

Default permissions: Upgrade 2018 changes
First automatic upgrade: Upgrade 2018 changes

At the second upgrade level, members receive:
  • Predefined replies
  • 30 minute edit
  • Bookmarks
This second permissions upgrade is to introduce some basic features.

This upgrade is now effective and added to all members accounts who have 50+ posts.

Sponsors receive all features effective immediately upon purchase.
Account Deactivation / Reactivation

Account deactivation / reactivation is now active for all members. When you deactivate your account you lock yourself out of the entire site, other than the option to reactivate. Until you do that, you can do nothing with the account.

When you deactivate your account a strikethrough will be placed through your name. You are not banned, but your account is placed into an administrative disabled status. Admins can do this with any account, and you can do it with your own account now.

Deactivation locks down your entire profile, but does not delete your threads / posts or actual account. It stops every aspect of contact with you, basically your account does not exist, but is there is a transitional state to permanent lockdown after a period of one year. There is no coming back with an account after a year.

You can safely try it for yourself, as you just log in and reactivate your account. Try and access your profile via another browser, you will get an error message. Nobody can access your public / member facing profile. Only admins can access your account via our control panel. Give it a try, you won't hurt anything.
Username Change

Now active in your account settings. 30 days between name changes. You can manage your name change history privacy (privacy settings). Staff can always view name change history.

Privacy controls the below, being who can access name change history. Obviously you will always see this, regardless of privacy settings. Your profile and all.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 5.24.01 pm.png
Spotify Connect

A social feature, members can connect their Spotify account to their profile to allow others to see what they're listening to.

There is zero privacy concern with this, it does not share anything with MyPTSD or readers here about your Spotify account. It shows the song you're listening to, and uses your forum username, and has nothing to do with your Spotify account.

Go to connected accounts in your account settings, click to associate, enter your forum password, connect to your Spotify. Whenever you play music via Spotify, it will show here what you're listening to.

You can view my member card / profile to see for yourself, as I usually have Spotify playing when home / computer.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 7.01.33 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 7.01.45 pm.png
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