Upgrade 2018 member feedback

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I'm down to four features left to install. I actually got rid of some staff ones to install, as they duplicated most things we already have, not really enhancing staff features, so less work. Unfortunately, I've run into some errors that I need to get corrected first, then I can continue.

I also have grand daughter day tomorrow... so nothing is happening from me tomorrow.

Enjoy thus far.
I noticed something. I changed my preferences to not receive emails of watched threads, and I'm still getting those emails despite the boxes not being checked in preferences.

Not sure if you're there yet @anthony, I'm not in a hurry just wanted to let you know.
There is a difference between you changing that setting, which is everything future based vs your thread settings, past tense.

Go to your watched threads page: Dead Link Removed and manage your past settings for those threads. The bottom has a select all checkbox for the page.

That has not changed.
On my cell phone, When the featured threads scroll across the top, you can’t see the whole title and the white lettering used on the busy picture makes it hard to read. The movie theater photo is the hardest to read. I realize you can click on the picture to read a synopsis and I like that... but the thin white letters and busy photo causes me not to even bother with it, so I just click on the normal list of new threads.
You can't read the entire title on any device, when the title is longer than the image width. There is only so much information that can be shown at any given time. Touch the title on mobile to show more content... just otherwise, click through to read. Ignore otherwise, it does not matter.
I have a quick question, and please pardon me if this was answered elsewhere. If I were to do the Sponsor thing, and pay for the yearly subscription, do those funds count towards the goal needed to keep the forum running or is that only a tally of the "donations"?
Hope I can explain this so it makes sense :bag:

When I am in the "Trauma Diaries Members" section on my phone and I click on one of the diaries to look at it...

If there are unread posts, clicking on the diary automatically makes it go to the last page/ the right page.

If there are no unread posts, instead of taking me to the last page, it takes me all the way back to page 1 of that diary.

Dunno if that is even a bug/ fixable or if anyone else gets it too.
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