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Upgrade 2018 changes

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Company Account Field

Hand in hand with the above feature, a new account field called Company exists on your profile if you require to use the receipt option. You will be reminded to click and fill-in at receipt if you haven't and want one. It exists solely for the upgrade receipt, nothing else. The description against the field in your profile outlines this use.
First Usergroup Upgrade - 25 Posts

I'm now satisfied with the first user group upgrade. Once you get beyond this post count, the following changes occur to your permissions:
  • You bypass anti-spam checks for faster posting.
  • Can upload attachments up to 10MB.
  • Return of profile fields often used for spam.
  • Avatar upload.
The default edit time is still the same as outlined here: Upgrade 2018 changes

This first permissions upgrade is more about removing anti-spam checks and allowing image uploads.

This upgrade is now effective and added to all members accounts who have 25+ posts.

Sponsors receive all features effective immediately upon purchase.
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In Place Notifications

As the upgrade commences you will begin seeing more in-line, placement specific, notices that help members in making their choices when performing actions. For example, when you upload an avatar you will see a notice about the more relaxed copyright aspect of fair use in relation to avatar only use images, as they are seen quite differently in copyright law.

Instead of staff having to answer members frequent questions, warn, or remind members, this type of notification will help guide decisions.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 7.55.30 AM.png
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History allows a member to view their last 100 viewed threads. I've done this myself, looked at something, wanted to find it again a few days later, and couldn't. History solves the problem of finding recently viewed content. History is kept for 30 days before being dropped.

You can see your history, not others. Staff can see all members history.
Auto Close Threads

Thread auto close is now active again. Any thread that has not been replied within the past 365 days will be automatically locked. I have excluded all trauma diary forums and articles.

Any thread can be reopened at member request, staff consideration, via contact us.
Old Thread Notice

Hand in hand with the above auto close feature, all locked threads due to automatic closure from lack of replies in the past year, will contain a header notice that the thread was closed under these conditions. This allows members to differentiate between threads that are just locked vs. locked from inactivity. The latter is likely to be opened if you wanted to reply to it.
Alert For New Thread and Replies

The alert you see above the quick reply, below a new thread and below new quick reply thread, is visible to members only. This is a reminder of the strict copyright rule that causes account termination. In the coming week or two, we will move the pertinent points to a dedicated help page for ease, and link to that.

I have minimised the text so it doesn't blow out mobile screen real estate.
Inactive Member Notification

This has been reinstalled from the existing system to notify members via email, who have been inactive between 7 and 30 days, once weekly, of current popular discussions happening. Like all systems, it only notifies of public content / that the user has permission to view.
Ignore Forums & Threads

You can now ignore entire forums, or individual threads. Obviously each is done from the forum or thread, themselves. If you ignore a forum it will be removed from your forum home. It will remove all and any threads from that forum in whats new or other areas that retrieve recent content. So if you start ignoring a whole bunch of forums, then see nothing in any whats new or recent content type system / area, that is why.

To remove ignored forums or threads, you can manage it all from your account settings "your ignored content" page.

These can have a significant impact on your experience with content than you may think, so use cautiously.
Featured Threads (Sponsors Only)

A sponsor only feature, the ability to obtain prime placement for your public threads, or public threads you deem worthy of additional attention. Yes, you can feature others' threads you deem worthy. Home page, forum home, whats new, thread view and every thread. Top of page placement.

Use the "Feature Thread" located at the top of all public threads. A popup appears. If you do not have an image you own / have the rights to use, just click save and our default image will be used as the background (copyright applies) being:


A total of 8 featured threads can exist at once. The most recent 8 show, the rest simply drop off. If you decided you don't want a thread featured, from the featured thread choose "Edit Featured Thread", choose delete on the popup. You can delete your own features.

Staff can delete any featured thread as part of moderating duties.

You pay for this access, so use it correctly please to avoid it being removed from your account.

This is all about you, the sponsor, being able to promote content you deem worthy of attention, so please enjoy.
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