Upgrade 2018 changes

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Similar Threads

You can now find similar threads back at the footer of all thread pages, aiding discovery of similar discussions from the same forum that you may be interested in reading. Results will only be returned in public and member current forums, within the same forum only, and the thread must be within the past year.
Link Processing Status

Link systems have now run their course throughout all forum posts, been processed, and links should now be 99.9% accurate. Everything else you will see a "link removed" notice.

If you post a link, and find it gets replaced by this notice, use the contact form, as it usually means an exclusion will need to be made as the website has a restriction upon it from link checking.
Link Control System

There is now a link control system in place that manages links against viewing permissions at usergroup level. As I had eluded prior, and I will write this in its own line:

The no email address posting rule is now lifted; you can post email addresses on the site, as they are automatically member only content. Profile posts are now default set as member only. We have decided that all groups will be member only content.

I would personally use my brain here, and only share them on a profile, because you can share, then delete from your own profile content. If you post an email in other areas, they are there forever beyond your limited editing abilities for those systems.

Members can view all links, other than those we place into a blacklist, ie. any spam and nonsense we catch and add.

Guests can only view internal, myptsd.com, links. No email, no media. Guests will see:

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.21.24 am.png
Help Pages Update

At present we are updating the help pages section. Much of the FAQ has been added to the new member information page. This area will continue to now develop over the coming days, without further notification here about each page itself. Please check this area regularly to see new additions.

A handy tip for members who want to help newer members, is to construct a predefined message containing helpful links, so you can quickly respond to new member questions, pointing them in the right direction to relevant documents that can help their experience here.
Registration Error

A new error in the system, opening registration, which was blocking all registrations. It is being worked on and will be added to the notice when registration is fixed and open again. An anti-spam system failure is stopping registration being open. Until then... more patience.
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Profile Covers

A sponsor only feature. Add an image or choose any colour you desire, to emphasise your profile, visitor tab menu and member card. Go to your profile, use the cover setting available. Set, edit, position your image, or just use a colour.
Timeout Error Fixed

If your browser was giving you 520 timeout errors, it seems to be fixed now, but you do have to drop your browsers cache. I cleared all server caches after correction, still had it, had to clear my browser cache, and it is correctly fixed. I haven't one since. So if you got this error, that is the fix locally. If not, do nothing.
Live Chat

Now active for member use. There is nothing special, everyone can:
  • Chat with basic functions
  • View top chatters
  • View any member sanctioned from chat (kicked, ban, temp, permanent)
  • 5 minute edit on messages.
  • 1000 character limit on any message.
  • Message archive for staff only use of 7 days.
Staff have additional permissions to manage users.

Live chat falls inline with standard community anti-spam posting restriction, with 30 seconds between messages. This is removed once you have 25 forum posts and are upgraded to level 1, which removes all anti-spam restrictions. This deters new members living in chat, as 30 seconds between messages can be painful for quick discussion.

There will be some standard bot messages introduced to guide members in the right place of the community when certain words / phrases get used in chat, which you will see when they happen.
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Consider it Complete

Everything is now installed, the majority of errors and issues have been cleaned up, so I would consider this now completed.

The anti-spam system fixes are now back in place and working. We have some minor adjustments to make to documentation, just shifting it around from threads to help pages... none of which affects upgrade itself.

So if you now have any issues / questions with something, please open a contact us and raise it. I will now close the companion upgrade thread, as this is ruled off.
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