What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

Procrastinating- forgot paperwork due tomorrow.
Tired, but need to get up early tomorrow, ride picking me up no later than 7:30. Kind of anxious I'll sleep in.
Likely see people I haven't seen for a while tomorrow, a bit anxious or shy about that.
Sore, my shoulder blades started to peel (sunburn). Will turn to tan though.
Amazed at latest small victories.
Substituted something gentler than guilt as per choosing to wait on a gift.
Hopeful I can get my hair cut, was withstanding length to give it away, but maybe not this time. Avoidant of it, been chopping it off since the pandemic started. Time to get back to 'real life'.
Appreciative of neighbour's offer of specific help.
I think it might be time to 'just say yes', take others up on their suggestions. Curious. Tired too. Might be nice to let someone else lead, not myself.
Thankful and relieved.


big relief, my curator found someone to move my objects in new home, I'll have psychiatric help as I'll learn to live alone and do my best handling a lot of changes I never experiement yet, two friends and my cousin will help me unpacking stuff in my new home and I'll have enough money to buy food like prepared meals, pizza and ingrdients for making sandwich (I won't be able to cook before 4-9 days from moving in

if you don't understand something I wrote, tell me I had very little to no exercice for talking about to go from my current living place to another


Extremely fragile. Exhaustion beyond the max, stress beyond the max, anxious beyond the max. And that's after calming down and sleeping 3h. I completely lost it earlier today to the point of acting in a way I knew I have to not act because it's hurtful for the person my words were directed but I wasn't even able to understand it at the moment. When I did about 1h later I was horrified what I said so unable to apologize because I was feeling too bad for having done it

In short I was feeling so bad just the view of a hurt finger triggered me badly

I have medical trauma so hurt body tend to be very hard to see even things more common as someone in a wheelchair or.. well when you break a bone you get that thing on the leg and the two things to help walking. Even when in good sharp it's hard to me to see them


Done. Done with trying to keep polite to people who only bad talking me every time they can. Done to this person problems that make her act in a way that scares and worry me. Done with having to cook and wash dishes when I'm not well enough to do it. Done with my group home that hurts me. Done having hard time to control myself because of all the above.
Also Done to have to fight so often and so hard every single day. Done that I didn't wash myself since Wednesday. Done that things only seems harder and harder as time passes.
Proud because my writing and the fact I'm still able to be the reason someone smiles.
Happy I have friends that keep caring for me even after I barely talked to them for an entire year and willing to finally heard from me because I need help moving