What Are You Grateful For Today?


Grateful most of all today to the ladies who spent the last 6 Thursday afternoons "Finding Our Voices" and the most awesome program facilitator I could've wished for to lead the very first touchy-feely group therapy sessions I have attended.Next week we start "Growth Circle" & I am glad she will once again lead us down the healing path.


It's early yet where I live, but so far I'm grateful for a little whisper of hope that I had yesterday and the messages I've been receiving through programming on television and my daily readings books. For me, sometimes, that is just what I need - a still, small voice that speaks to me through many channels.

I'm grateful for branches rustling outside of my window as I type as squirrels zip hither and yon, and for the birdsong I'm hearing instead of the usual screeching of crows (darn neighbor throws bread out for them!).

Grateful that even if just for today, my heart and mind feel like they are opening up a tinch and allowing for possibilities.


Today, I'm grateful for someone who asked me to Thanksgiving dinner with her family. I declined as it is across town and the restaurant in expensive. She just texted back letting me know I should come if I change my mind. So very kind and sweet. :)

I'm grateful for Einstein's - warm bagels and hot coffee, and wi-fi!

I'm grateful for California Cow commercials on Youtube - I needed something make me laugh and lift my mood!

I'm grateful that my mind and spirit just won't stop bothering me when I really just want to fade away. Dang it!


I am grateful for my sister's Photobucket page, her Pinterest Page, and her Facebook page. All of which have provided great memories and a special closeness that I would not have been able to enjoy otherwise.

I am grateful that I have been blessed in this lifetime with the love of a lot of very special people.


- supportive strangers and friends
- the world being friendly
- getting to Tai Chi even though I didn't want to
- awareness of the critic and it wanting to talk me into a mood
- finally feeling the longing for a 'constant object', not knowing in my head, feeling it
- body psychotherapist
- exercising
- good food
- resources
- even though I feel helpless giving myself a chance
- heater