What Are You Grateful For Today?


I am grateful that Little Wendell, when feeling afraid today, could imagine a father he could trust and touch and be close to, with love and without fear. After the tears came sunshine.

I am grateful that my children are happy to see me at the end of the day, even in their teen years.

I am grateful that I work with people who are a joy and not a burden to be around.

I am grateful that our dog loves being a dog and expects others to be just like a dog.


I am grateful for programming that is bringing me a lot of positive and supportive messages.

I am grateful that I made two "right" decisions today when I really wanted to go very "not right" directions.

I am grateful that I can acknowledge that I am trying to help myself and believe it instead of cringing.

I am grateful for people sharing about their pets out here and for Youtube/Instagram/Pinterest which provide me with many opportunities to see all kinds of pets/animals since I can't have a furbaby. :) I so want a baby pig right now! snort, snort, curly tail wagging

I am grateful to not feel so depressed today and I am grateful for patience despite looming deadlines.


I am grateful for my ability to look at things rationally. Even though I sometimes resent it more recently in my life.
I am grateful that I have something I am very good at. It tethers me to the world and myself at times. About functionality not ego.

Grateful I'm beginning to open up a little bit. Slowly slowly but it means ever such a lot.
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