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What Are You Grateful For Today?

I'm grateful I am alive. I am grateful I could sleep through the night (with atarax and only waking up a few times) despite sleeping a lot during the day. I'm grateful I can at least sleep despite being horribly hyperactive during every wake hour. I'm grateful my daughter is so lovely and despite being a teenager accept physical touch to some degree (would have 0 physical contact if it wasn't for her during covid19-shitty-social-distancing-days). I'm grateful I have food and a roof above my head and a door to close and lock behind me. I'm grateful for being born in Sweden. In another and worse off country I wouldn't have survived this long. I would have been forced to sell my self and I wouldn't have survived that. I'm so grateful for this forum and all the wonderful people in here.
Finally getting the phone call that the closing on my late mother's property is going to definitely take place next week - with a day and time assigned - but this time with actual legit paperwork to back it up. They're only 50+ days behind the last projected date. 😐

A shit ton of paperwork has been delivered and my brain is scrambled by all the legalese. But my heart and nervous system are anxiously awaiting for the final signatures to end this particular chapter of our ongoing grief journey and celebrate the life that's back in the old home place.

Grateful for the timing that allows the weekend to translate, dissect, digest, and learn even more things I never knew I'd need to know. What an experience. Hesitant to celebrate, just yet, but definitely on the verge of having high-ish hopes. May that bubble not get popped - again - this time.
I'm grateful for my health insurance company sending me a record of what I have paid to them in the last year. I had to call them twice for them to send me the correct information. I need this information for my rent application. The building manager adds up all my medical expenses and they can lower my rent with that info substantially. I live in a building where we are charged according to our income and medical expenses get deducted.
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