What Are You Grateful For Today?


Time on my own.

Completing something that seemed nearly impossible, and I had kind of written off. Not sure how 'good' it is, because for me finding words is an impossible task when I have to express myself, I am incompetent at that. But it wasn't for me and it's from the heart so I am thankful I tried to do the best I could. Though now I do need Gaviscon. but I am happy, even if i feel sort of ashamed/ embarrassed, and just-it doesn't hit the mark. I suppose it takes a lot out of me, I'd prefer to give hugs, because I can't find words. Or if you could download heart-to-heart, that would be easier. Hopefully it's ~ok.
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Grateful for these two little souls. 💕


At the top of my grateful list today is that He pulled his head out of his ass. AKA found his "toolbox", dusted it off, found all the "tools" that were scattered about and put them into action. (It's about time! Love you J.)

Coming in second on the list are the ceramic chickens my dad gave me. Odd things to be grateful for? Nah. They were in my mom's kitchen and her mom's before that. I'm thinking they're at least 70 years old. (Gonna have to research.)

Third on the list is my wonderful "sisters". The greatest support system anyone could have. They could never realize how much I cherish their "help". They don't even know they're helping me through some difficult times. Their love and humor is my saving grace. (❌⭕)



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I am grateful for my husband's patience and willingness/ability to keep us afloat right now.
I am grateful for my education and the awareness that it will amount to something in time.
I am grateful that we found a way to get our old hybrid battery replaced.
I am grateful that we decided not to buy a car for the cost of that battery -- it would have been more stressful to do that.
I am grateful that the pain level in my left leg has been minimal for a couple of weeks.
I am grateful that my cats are healthy and appear to be happy.
I'm grateful for my electric blanket and bed table.
I'm grateful that I get to power-walk the track in a little while. I wasn't walking so well not so very long ago.
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