What Are You Grateful For Today?

Tornadic Thoughts

  • Artful inspiration that keeps me entertained and eager.
  • PUPPY DAY tomorrow!!!!
  • De-clutter time to create a new crafting space.
  • An unexpected visit from a dear old friend I haven't seen since mom passed in 2019.
  • An upcoming visit from another dear friend with gongs and such.
  • That I have a few folks in my life I can refer to as "dear friends", albeit mostly physically absent ones.
  • This space to share the things that keep me going and grateful.


I am grateful for another day. I am excited about my split pea homemade soup that will be done shortly. I am more excited because I am near completed the baby blanket that I have been crocheting for a while now and can start on my other granddaughter’s matching babydoll one. I am grateful to share among others that understand the walk of PTSD.


There are three really strong women here that I admire and am grateful for. They have made a difference in my healing journey. I won't name names because I don't want to leave the others out who also support me. However, one is an absolute angel and has supported me consistently for years and the other two have Moxy and have also supported me for years. I am truly grateful that they have helped pave the path that I choose to walk.


I am grateful for my friends
I am grateful for enjoying my long weekend
I am grateful for feeling joy
I am grateful for my inflatable kayak
I am grateful for a guy saying he was interested in dating me
I am grateful for my home
I am grateful for my kids