What Are You Grateful For Today?


I am grateful that I sold my cargobike
I am grateful that I bought myself some perfume for the first time in my adult life
I am grateful that I am reducing my possessions
I am grateful for neurofeedback
I am grateful for the nice weather
I am grateful that I am thrilled thinking about being authentic


still able to describe whats going on, even if I don't like it and can't stop it. That beats the blur. The blur is what you come out of and someone is asking you if you know what day it is and where you are. This is still better than the blur. it doesn't feel like it could be better than anything else but I know it is. thats enough to be thankful for, enough.


For first tomatoes harvested
that is a great time marker. we went from seed this year and are hand watering, in fact they are the only food we are growing this year but we don't have any yet, probably 2-3 weeks behind you. I will join you in thankfullness the first time i feel one in my hand, ready to get chilled and sliced and put on a lettuce leaf under some bacon.


Someone left a handwritten note in the egg sales stand saying they adore our eggs . It makes me so happy and proud of our hens. The little girls ♥️♥️♥️. It truth our eggs are no better or worse than any one else’s who free ranges and takes care of their birds. I think people like that they can see the girls and often a goat or two from the gate we put the eggs by though🤣