What Are You Grateful For Today?


Very grateful pup slept through night vs waking up at 4 a.m. and crying non-stop. Which is impossible when you go to bed at 2 a.m. and then work again til late night. We had set up to put her down monday before last, but then kept trying different pain meds. But last night we put her back upstairs besides my sister's bed and she slept. The whole night peacefully with NO meds, at all. So relieved.

Sister and her SO going to have Thanksgiving this weekend, I will be on my own. Grateful.


Wow, for 2 things esp, pup had no meds, slept upstairs THE WHOLE NIGHT WITHOUT A PEEP, and is like a new dog. Even the pharmacist says he loves her and is pulling for her. 💙💙💙 That is more sleep in 2 days than I/ we've had in 2 weeks, seriously. She is now almost on no meds and never better, like new except for rear axles!

And it's more complex, because we do not want her to suffer, but even when the vet had given her sedative pre what we thought was putting her down (we asked of course, told him we know, don't want him burdened/ not expecting him to say), a triple dose took even 7 hours to help her sleep, he said it is sheerly because of her will as she is a 'travel sized Shepherd' 😊.

And sister found out her blood vessels to the heart are ok, re: EDS. Because if not nothing they can do and you just have to live with risk of sudden death.

So am very very grateful.

I realize I can't handle stress well. Which is probably an understatement. 😢😢😢

Tornadic Thoughts

The doggie daycare/training facility that allows me to volunteer. I met the cutest little Boerboel Mastiff puppy. I bet he won't be that little next week as he quickly grows into those paws. lol

It's such a treat to have a couple dozen dogs, if not more, of all shapes and sizes, coming up to you as they wag their whole body, almost, because they're happy to see ya' and just want a belly rub, the toss of a ball, or just to sit and hang with ya'. Such good medicine.

Also grateful for being thanked by one of the managers for being willing to seek out and provide "cleaner" wax melts/diffuser therapeutic grade oils that I can safely be around so that I can continue to come on bad weather days/be able to go in and use the restroom w/o being made ill from the stank of the ones they were using, instead of just saying, "Nope, can't be in this space, see ya'!"

It was so refreshing to have them let me provide the safer alternatives rather than saying it was too much of a bother and telling me to just deal with it or find somewhere else to volunteer. She said that level of commitment isn't something they see very often and she appreciates it more than I know. Instant heart hug.