What Are You Grateful For Today?


Grateful that computers are invented. Programming is so interesting and fun 🙏
Grateful for my ability to meditate -- it calms my entire system 🙏 ❤️


I am grateful for my boss
I am grateful for my job
I am grateful for my relationships
I am grateful for my t, beyond words
I am grateful for neurofeedback
I am grateful for my tears
I am grateful for healing
I am grateful that I can afford to buy unnecessary things
I am grateful for yoga


Today I'm thankful for:

Ruger the doberman puppy , stole a piece of my heart.
My husband, super supportive, we've had our fair share of stuff to work through. Worth it.
Our two beautiful children. I'm blessed.
I get my dream job. Stay at home mom/homemaker.
Boundaries. Once learned and implemted it's a better ride in life.
Friends who can share in this rollercoaster life.
God of course. For making all this possible.
My therapist. Heaven sent. I thought I was right back to where I was before making progress. And technically I was. But she talked me through it and it was on session. I feel so blessed.
Fun Thanksgiving that implemented our boundaries and reflected the reality of our life. In the middle of a stressful move with legal cases. We chose to go out to eat. Breath of fresh air. Rather odd for me our family does the huge everything is for dinner approach. But we needed a break and took it and I'm thankful.

Have a good day y'all. And I really started this whole post because I discovered how amazing walnuts are for possibly ptsd as a supplement of course. They seem to fill in my gaps yesterday and i felt a lot of relief from some of my physical ptsd relates flare-ups.


I am grateful that we saw Trans Siberia orchestra. It was amazing!

Grateful for my cats


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