What Are You Grateful For Today?


Dragon Balm.


I haven’t smoked pot -or ingested it in any other way- since 2000. Even though I live in a recreational state, there are federal jobs I haven’t (hadn’t?) given up the ghost for potentially working. That have a 10 year no-use policy.

Whelp. I’ve had Covid for the past couple weeks, was eyeballs deep in opiates to manage the pain / allow me to breathe… no fuss, no muss… off of those for the past week. Went back to work today. AND? My back seized up. All the muscles “splinting” (read: freezing in position attempting to “help” protect damaged organs from more harm) around my lungs, mostly along my spine/ribs, causing me to flop around like a fish, o2 sat in the shitter. Looking like a trip to the ER …BUT?

A housemate smeared this stuff all over the worst area, and it felt like tadpoles started swimming across my muscles (and looked a bit like some SciFi flick) as everywhere this stuff covered… stopped effing cramping and seizing up. So then we widened the area of effect, just a smidge. And wow. I haven’t breathed this deep in over 2 weeks.

Great stuff.