What are your pet peeves ?


There's a f'n black friday sale for damn near everything except groceries and very necessary bills and such. If that ever happens, then I'll be impressed and may be drawn to partake.

I’d rather NO sales and fair pricing year round :(.

My peeve -
Today a friend sent me a link to a door mat that said ‘if you haven’t called first, don’t knock’.

I want this doormat so much - people just turning up is one of my very worst things- but my husband is a reasonable human being.


People with leaf blowers who feel the compulsion to have a completely leaf-free area of pavement in front of their apartment/townhouse despite living in a grove of water oak trees. Huh? What do you not get? They shed leaves like a cat sheds fur - continuously.

Also, people who have a strange fascination with having their garage doors go up/down 40x/day; especially ones who like to put it up 1/5 of the way, then down 1/4 of the way, then up 1/2 of the way, then down 1/5 of the way. Living on top of these types of people is maddening!


Most of my pet peeves are grammar related. You know, using an apostrophe to make something plural, putting commas in the wrong place, that sort of thing.

But...I also *abhor* it when someone - like a doctor - tells me I will feel better if I'd just exercise.


I am an INCH away from feeding my mother (who eats at least a pound of meat at every meal) rabbit-food (aka 1980’s style vegetarian food) in her old age. :shifty: Alfalfa sprouts, popcorn cakes, and carrots. Because this...
If my mom does it? It's probably on the list.

OMFG... Uninvite me to dinner, and then claim I’m the one who said they didn’t want to eat? NO. I. DID. NOT.

So what does she do? Say if I’ve “changed my mind” I’m welcome to have some... as she smears somehing I’m allergic to all over the leftovers. In front of all of us. And then claims she did not such thing. It’s perfectly safe for me to eat, but if I’m going to chooooooose not to eat...


Rabbit. Food. Really.

Also possibly boiled hay & tripe.