What are your pet peeves ?

Oh gosh - just another FB person block minutes ago. I'm finding that my writing makes the wrong impression upon a certain rough and tumble blue collar demographic and some will just pounce on my posts. Not here - although I have some hobbies that are shared with people who to be kind aren't appearing on the Sunday morning political show circuit, who are hard pressed to contribute much other than expressions of marginalized anger when I try to lend hobby advice in my own words.

For as long as I can remember the all but totalitarian tone around me was to 'be manly' and to habitually denigrate learning - in particular the social sciences. One could be a factory laborer, possibly a salesman, or if truly motivated - an engineer. No other pathways through life counted. Few spoke of careers, for at best most simply went to work and endlessly submitted to authority later to displace their pent up rage on whomever they decided to unload on in their limited down time.

All I know is that years of private study leave me with an expressive style and habits of articulation that I am no longer ready to apologize for. The times are too hard, the issues and thuggery altogether too commonplace to just silently accept even a minute more. I spend quite a bit of time alone, which translates into an over reliance on social media. This understood, my exposure is fairly broad even as I haven't a subscription to very much at all. In sum I'm just tired of retreating, hiding behind basic commands necessary to negotiate life in a reasonably agreeable and nonthreatening way even as my reading prompts me to pour it on. End of message - thanks...


The common misconceptions surrounding what proof and facts are

Yes!! I had one guy tell me that he had proof his exercises cured back pain because his went away, and he would rather use that proof than some study that says "could be the cause" or "studies show". I really couldn't stop laughing. I also had sciences because I was an RN, and critical thinking skills (not as much as I'd like) because I went to college. You can't argue a point with someone who doesn't understand that he is not the gold standard for medicine.


Some days it's the small things that send me over the edge... I have quite few Pet Peeves, and thought others would like to share theirs....

People pulling out in front of me, when no traffic behind me, to go one block and turn....
People standing in the middle of the isle while shopping...and being totally ignorant to me standing there fuming. I back up, go around the other isle to get to what i need, and then they are gone when I get there .....
Someone saying 'huh' when you have told them something really important.
Wishy washy people, friendly one time and a blank stare the next... (hmm, just thought, that could be one of US !)

My list is huge . Patience is NOT one of my virtues... so will leave room for others to share...

Well, I'll apologize for all those people who stand in the middle of the isle..cause that's me.......Sometimes, I have no idea where I am in time and space, and I get lost and frustrated in trying to find thing on the shelf or I'm dissociated in the store having a bad day....yeah....I hog the isle and don't know it......When I'm so focused on finding things and getting the hell out......I don't realize where my cart is....

Also, I am very hard of hearing and I can't always hear people and it is so frustrating and yes, I do say huh a lot. Many people who can't hear are embarrassed by it....I am, because people treat me like I'm stupid, and they don't know I can't hear-we are also slow to respond because information processing is slower....auditory processing sucks.

That combined with dissociation.....where sometimes people are oblivious to me in a dissociative moment.....have no hope of knowing anyone is behind them....and even if they make a little noise.....might not hear.

But have I been annoyed at people doing the same exact thing, esp. if I'm in a hurry.....damn dummies I think.... hogging the lane or not aware that they aren't the only one in the store.....YEP! That's me, too!?


Kids who say Ouch when nothing is hurting and no one's hurting them.

Their excuse is they're kids. This one in particular some 5 yo. So I get the knack on words may yet be wonky. But FFS.

Or how pissed off I got I can't speed up after that one & help only to discover that was an *excited* kid, not hurt.


Companies that have only a few phone operators. On their recording, which you have to listen to over and over, they remind of their website... Then finally when you get a person, she barely speaks English.