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What are your pet peeves ?

@Friday, 1000 funny curses to tell boredom to f*ck off challenge? ;)

Exercises that utilize the least effort and look funniest?

Things to do if stuck on a train with a talking hypochondric turtle?

Counting leaves on plants, every leaf is a billion dollars / currency of your liking?

If games to debore ain't work, you can always hit it with a pan.

.... eer not that one. I always forget pans don't fix ALL the things.
I once stopped a temper tantrum by the sheer WONDER involved with how *untouched* both the cast iron stove, and my cast iron pan were by my attempts to smash them both to atoms. :bag:

Whoa. This shit is STURDY. Whoa.

:hilarious: The kitchen suppliers have just forgotten to mention their product is good for emotional regulation.

Betya DBT stands for Don't Break This :ninja:

Altho I been known to have own, and totally off mark, theories about origins of eeeverything in the universe.
Everything is done by computer. Websites, messenger, etc. It's hard to find a company that does business by phone. Even when you reach them by phone, they have a recording that plays over and over, advising you to go to their website. Chat is the order of the day. If you reach a human being, usually it is someone with a heavy accent. All I want is to speak with an order taker who speaks my language fluently. Is that so much to ask for? I guess it is, SIGH....
OMFG. Do. You. Know. Anyone. who actually responds WELL to being bitched at the moment after they wake up, or walk in through the front door?

You wanna have a serious discussion? How about f*cking WAITING until a person actually has their bearings, maybe even a cup of coffee, or it’s a good time... rather than turning both barrels on them the moment you see them??? Bitch moan bitch moan nag nag nag. f*ck that noise. That’s not a serious discussion, nor my refusing to have a serious discussion. That’s my not putting up with bullshit. Quit being a f*cking toddler and have some consideration for other people.