What are your pet peeves ?


People posting articles on Facebook that they haven't read. Then 20 people jump on it saying, "me too" when the article didn't say what they thought it said.
I don't have Facebook but there is a lot crap on there. I did have it at first, but there is a fake profile with my name on it. So, forget it. Its been on there for 15 years. It's a marketing add that they haven't zeroed in on yet.

I text Facebook or called them ( can't remember) and they said that person was a person. They are so full of it...they just don't want to take it down.


Mr and the central heating.

I set it on a timer, we don't have thermostat controlled heating. And I have shown him how to adjust the timer dozens of times but to no effect. It's extremely simple, just some switches on the timer.

If he is hot he turns the whole thing off and doesn't turn it on again later. And vice versa if he is cold he turns the whole thing to permanently on and doesn't adjust it later. Or tell me.

So I'll wake up and it's freezing or boiling and getting the temperature back to comfortable takes hours.

In the grand scheme of things it's nothing at all but it's defo a pet peeve.

P.S. currently boiling.
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