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What are your pet peeves ?

People who can’t accept other people being mad at them for something THEY have done, and address it straight on... but have to cowardly flail about trying to find things they could be mad at that person with.

SERIOUSLY??? I’m mad that you stole 15 grand from me... and that’s somehow justified by my leaving the kitchen counter a mess 2 years ago? CLEARLY that’s a $15,000 offense. Oh, but wait, you have more childish temper tantrums to throw? No, no, I’ll wait. And then, yes. I will STILL be pissed off at you that you stole 15k from me. Except now? I’m also going to be pissed off at you for being a f*cking coward.
Absence of courage. Intellectual dishonesty. People who talk about things they have no idea of with strong but half baked opinions, no documentations and no sense of self-questioning. People who take advantage of their microscopic scope of power to try to make you feel bad or overpowering you.
Sure. Go ahead and explain to me why YOUR waiting 10 seconds is longer than MY waiting 10 minutes. And why you feel it’s so damn justified.

Go ahead. Thrill me with your self righteous assholery, instead of brightly smiling, & letting me toss my towels from the wash to the dryer ...10 seconds tops... go ahead and chew me out for 20 minutes, on how I “should” wait 10 minutes, until you’re done folding. SERIOUSLY??? FFS. A few seconds of being nice, can’t possibly be passed up, for half an hour of being a bitch.

Oh. And since you “feel” my anaphylaxis life threatening allergy is just me “wasting” food? I’ve added drain cleaner to 3 of your foods. Not going to tell you which. Bon Appetite! (Not really, but OMFG, can this motherf*cking idiot at least BUY a goddamned clue? Hello! Life. Threatening. Allergy. Brick wall? Bang. Head. >.< It. Is. Not. Wasting. Food. To throw away something that would KILL ME. Aaaaargh. You have poisoned my food. Again. So I am throwing it away. Again. WAKE the f*ck up. )
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Rural New Mexico road crews with no signs who pay no attention to approaching cars, leaving drivers who are forced into the wrong lane to wonder what might happen up around the corner

Rural New Mexico road planners who fail to provide even one option to avoid New Mexico road crews

Volunteer coordinators who don't get back to people when they say they will

Eustachian tube dysfunction

Cat litter in the gap between the slide-out and the regular floor

Cats who INSIST on sleeping on top of me no matter how many times I push them off of my hip or leg

Feeling guilty because the cats really want to sleep on me but I find my own ability to sleep with minimal pain more important than their feelings

Believing that they understand me when I explain it to them

Quinoa-rice noodles -- they are the worst noodles, ever, and I know bad gluten-free noodles -- I should have warned my husband about these. Now, we have 2 boxes.

Brooks Ghost 11 running shoes -- What happened??? The Ghost 10s were great, but I give up on these. These are no bueno, right here, and they have been a part of my life for way too long.
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Eustachian tube dysfunction

Eustachian tube dysfunction
Oh yes! My left ear has a sound like a fly buzzing passed it.

People who use could / should / would of when it's could / should / would have.

People who use swear (curse) words between every other word when speaking, just because they think it makes them sound big and tough. It does the opposite folks!

My neighbours. Bad enough that they're loud and obnoxious, now they've dumped their artificial Christmas tree in the gully drain for my bathroom.

People who insist that my physical disabilities are all in my mind and will go away with exercise. I'm sure the medics researching my very rare, genetic bone disease would love to speak to them about their theories.

People who deny that covid 19 is real, but still clap for carers and the nhs on a Thursday night. Just which side of the fence are you on?

I'm sure I have loads more, but it's 4.30am and my meds are finally kicking in.
The phrase 'going in with'

When you add an ingredient to your mixing bowl, you are not going in with it.

Nor are you when you use a particular art supply on your piece of paper.