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What are your pet peeves ?

Um I still saw it. But okay. If I unintentionally kill someone I do get to keep my job (but I also get disciplined), if I intentionally do, I would get arrested like the rest of the general public. I guess that's the thing. And if I kill someone because my supervisor tells me it's okay to do it, I would still lose my job and be arrested, because I have autonomy.

I genuinely don't understand how that could, or should, be different anywhere, or in any circumstances, so peace out ✌️
251,000 lives lost by medical "error" every year. 9.5 % of all deaths in the U S
I accept this is a thing. It is not a thing I, as a nurse, have control of in the UK, never mind in the USA.
But murder is not the same as medical error. Outcome is the same, but intention is very different.
So I'm unsure why you are bringing this up to me?
I despise people who judge a person based on their looks. I look healthy physically but I have at least a half dozen invisible illnesses and I'm actually quite ill. Some little punk was supposed to be helping me move a big box from the store out to the car, I told him that I couldn't do it because I am disabled. He grabbed the box and muttered under his breath, "disabled, my ass". These people tick me off. You don't know me or what I am going through so don't judge. Better yet mind your own damn business!!! End of rant.
It takes less than 20 seconds to Wash. Your. Own. Dish. Aaaaaaargh.

You can spend 7 minutes just staaaaaanding there after dinner, but wash your own motherf*cking dish? Oh of course not. Just pile them up to get dried up, stinking, and disgusting for someone else for do! f*ck you, you goddamn lazy, entitled, sonnuvabitch. Correction. Princess.

I’m seriously tempted to take everyone’s dirty dishes, stank water and all, and just dump them in their beds.