What are your pet peeves ?


my peeve is when people are mean for no reason. and make fun of people and things. and it seems obvious. that of course no one would like that.

but it happens all the time! that some one is a little bit weird or strange or any thing in any type of community. and there is no reason. no one is hurting any one else. the person is just not as socially good as every one else. if they are not hurting people why make fun of them?

it is cruelty. i do not like it. 🐙


I despise people who judge a person based on their looks. I look healthy physically but I have at least a half dozen invisible illnesses and I'm actually quite ill. Some little punk was supposed to be helping me move a big box from the store out to the car, I told him that I couldn't do it because I am disabled. He grabbed the box and muttered under his breath, "disabled, my ass". These people tick me off. You don't know me or what I am going through so don't judge. Better yet mind your own damn business!!! End of rant.
The best way to handle something like that is to address it in a polite, yet concerning way in writing. Go see the manager, give the manager a written statement telling what happened, the date, and educate him on policies that have been put in place to level the playing field when it comes to "accessibility". First of all, empathetic bosses will not tolerate employees being disrespectful, and a written complaint, that addressed the problem, names the individual, will stay in the person's file....and if he continues to be an ass, might be the thing that gets him canned from his job if there are repeated offenses. I think employers need feedback when their employees are rude or disrespectful and if he did it again, I'd write him up again. That's just me, I learned a while back......if it isn't put in writing and submitted.....it didn't happen.